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We at Flags Down Under - & The Hopping Kangaroo" are passionate about our business.

We believe that flags have an important role in everyone's life.

The FLAG- can say this is me, this is my place. We at FLAGS DOWN UNDER help you to show your patriotism by displaying your flag at home, business, sport events, multicultural events.

With such a huge range available we are convinced you will find a little gift for your friends, or having some friendship pins ready to give them as fond keepsakes to those you meet.

All listed products are available for purchase direct from our website, please click here to contact flags down under, and we will assist you in your enquiries direct.

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International Flags

There is nothing more patriotic than flying your flag.

Display the flag in front of your business. A Flag attracts customers. Greet your overseas guests with a Flag representing their country. Flying the flag creates respect. 

Imagine a city without flying any flags - something vital would be missing.

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Flagsdownunder has a Huge Range of Historical Flags available, Red Ensign 1901-1903, Eureka Flag, Rhodesia flag, Old South Africa Flag, Hong Kong Colonial Flag, Laos with Elephant, Old Bosnia, Iran Empire, Old Macedonia.

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Novelty Flags

Flagsdownunder stocks a huge range of Novelty and Provincial Flags for all occasions. Happy New Year Flag, Rainbow Flag, Boxing Kangaroo Flag, Flags with Bikes and Trucks, Happy Birthday Flag, Smiley Face Flag, It's A Boy Flag, It's A Girl Flag, Pirate Flags, NEW PROGRESS PRIDE FLAG.

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More Flag Related Products

Australia - France Friendship Pin

Bahamas Flag

Kiribati Hand Waver Flag

France Bastille Day 14th July

We at, flags down under, wish our partners and friends and all the people from FRANCE a Happy Bastille Day. Be proud of your Heritage.

The friendship between cultures is something we are very proud of, and we take great pleasure in making sure that we promote this feeling of goodwill.
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Bahamas Independence Day 10th July

We wish all our Friends, Customers and associates and all the people from The Bahamas a very Happy Independence Day.

Celebrate in style. Be proud of your Heritage.

To view or purchase the Bahamas National Flag click here

Kiribati National Day 12th July

We wish all the people from Kiribati a very Happy National Day. Celebrate in style.
Decorate your house or business with your Flag and be proud of your heritage.

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