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Australias Largest Range of International Flags - Novelty Flags - Historical Flags - Lapel Pins
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Flags Down Under have the largest range of international flags, novelty flags, historical flags, lapel pins, friendship pins,Crossed flag pins,Car Flags, Flag Decals, Embroidered Country Patches, Mini Boxing gloves, and more flag related products.

Flags are available for purchase direct from our website, or we have flags for hire also. If you are interested in hire flags please click here to contact flags down under, and we will assist you in your enquiries direct.                           

Note: At Flags Down Under we give exceptional service as our aim is to give our customers a great experience !

Buy International Flags, Historical Flags Novelty Flags

Croatia Flag, National flag Croatia, International Flag, Flagge,
DDR Flag, East German Flag,Historical flag ,
Bi-Pride flag Flag, Novelty flag,
International Flags
A huge range of World Flags, from the
most popular , plus the unexpected such as , Cocos Keeling Island Flag, Maorie Flag, Kanak Flag, All Pacific Ocean flags,Tokelau Flag, West Papua Flag, Wallis and Futuna flag, All country flags available for immediate delivery.
Great flag size to decorate the Kids room or Cubby house are 900x600mm. Huge variety available.
Historical Flags
Trace your history through flags of the
past e.g.East German Flag, Eureka Flag, Iran Empire Flag,Prussia Flag, Ethiopia w Lion, Russia Imperial Flag, German World War One Flag, Assyria Flag, Japan Rising Sun Flag, Old South Africa Flag, USSR Hammer & Sichel, we stock an extensive Range of Historical Flags
Novelty Flags
Flagsdownunder stocks a huge range of Novelty and Provincial Flags for all occasions. Flags for theme Parties. NEW BI=PRIDE Flag, Boxing Kangaroo Flag, Flags with Bikes and Trucks, Smiley Face Flag, Rainbow Flag, It's A Girl Flag, Red Indian Flag with Wolf, Sinti Roma Flag, Huge Range of Pirate Flags,Skull and Cross Bone Flags and many more

Shop Table flags, Desk flags, Lapel Pins, Friendship Pins, Flag Pins of States, Regions- & Subnations

Desk Flag Display South Pacific Region
Spain Provincial flag pins, flag pins, collect flag pins of  Spain
Crossed Flag Pin Australia/Kiribati, friendship pin, Dual flag Pin ,

Table Flags, Desk Flags, Miniature Flags 4"x6"
Great decoration for a reception or office desk, Table flags for conferences, All International country Desk flags available. We also stock complete set of German- and USA State Desk Flags. Novelty Table Flags such as "Have a nice Day Matey! Historical Miniature Flags, Solid single colour Desk Flags to use as Icon Office Table Top Flags.
Lapel Flag Pins

Flags Downunder is the one stop shop for all the serious collectors of flag badges. Every Nation available.Our speciality are Subnational, States or Provincial Flag Lapel Pin sets. You may purchase a complete set or just 1 Pin. Subdivisional sets make great gifts. NEW -Micronesia Provincial LAPEL PINS
Crossed Flag Badges
Plan your trip - have a selection of crossed flag pins for each country you visit and give them as fond keepsakes to those you meet. Wear a Flag Badge on your Lapel.
We constantly add new Dual Pins to our already extensive range. New Australia/Rainbow, Australia/Torres Strait Island. All Double Pins shown on this site are available for immediate delivery. Friendship Pins, Double Pins, Twin Pins.
Associated Products

Embroidered Patches, Boxing Gloves Mini, Car Flags, Car- Stickers-Decals

Brazil Country Patch, Embroidered Flag Patch, Sewn on Patch,
Cameroon Mini boxing gloves, Mascot for your car,
Denmark Flag Decal, Bumperbar Sticker, National flag sticker,
Embroidered Patch-
Flag Patch or Country Patches -Our Flag Patches are of high quality. Simply Iron on to your jacket or T-shirt, cap or backpack. A great conversation piece. We constantly increase our already extensive Range of Sew on Patches for your collection. New Country Patches just arrived. Algeria Patch, Belize, Kuwait Mozambique, Ukraine,United Arab Emirates Country Patch.
Mini Boxing Gloves-This delightful little Mascot will give you much fun. Attach to your view mirror , Check out our huge assortment of Country Mini Boxing Gloves, Clubs and Novelty mini boxing gloves. All our Mini boxing gloves are on special. Clearance Sale/as long as stock lasts
Special Price $ 8.00
Car Flags Mini
Proudly display your country of origin. Huge range of various Country Car Stickers, International Oval Decals, Mini Car Flags, Window Hangers, all of them can be displayed in your car, or used for school projects. Decorate the "Bar" and show off where your travels have taken you Large Range of International Countries available.
                               We can make your special occasion                                  
Flagsdownunder stocks all International Flags, Country Flags, Novelty Flags, Historical Flags, Hand Held Flags, Hand Waver Flags, Desk Flags, Miniature- Table Flags, Desk Flags Australia State and Territory, Desk Flag Swiss Cantons, Desk Flag Canada Provincial Flag, Spain Provincial Desk Flags, Italy Regional Desk Flags, Badges, Lapel Pins, Crossed Flag Pins, Subnational Flag Pins, Friendship Pins, Sew on Patches, Country Patches, Window Hangers, Mini Boxing Gloves, Car Stickers, International Oval Decals. For all questions regarding flags for hire, or purchasing please contact us click here to contact us.