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Hungary with Crest Flag

Hungary Flag with emblen = IN STOCK= Sizes: 1500x900mm or 900x600mm, Material: lightweight Polyester with 2 Grommets. Suitable for Sport Events, Multicultural Events, Conferences, Schools.

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Hungary Flag with Crest
In 1920, after the downfall of the Dual Empire, Hungary reverted to her old colours of red, white and green. In the Old Austro-Hungarian Merchant Flag the right-hand side consisted of the Flag and Arms of Hungary. The 1919-45 National and Merchant Flag was a horizontal tricolour of equal stripes, red,white, green. In the centre of the flag was the coat of arms, but the use of this coat was optional and the plain tricolour was often used. It will be seen that the cross on the top of the crown was bent over; legend has it that thieves once stole the crown and put it into an iron casket which was not deep enough to hold it. The lid of the casket was forced down, and this bent the cross.

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