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Paraguay Flag

History Talk - Paraguay Flag
The Flag of the Republic of Paraguay, adopted in 1842 and simplified in 1991, is the only national flag to show a different emblem on either side of the flag. While the national coat of arms appear on the front side of the flag, the reverse shows the seal of treasury with the yellow lion and the words "Paz y Justicia" meaning Peace and Justice.
Paraguay has one of the oldest national flags with its colours inspired by the French national flag, meaning liberty and independence. The coat of arms was created to remember the 14th of May 1811, the day Paraguays independence from Spain was declared.

Paraguay got its name from the river that divides the eastern half of the nation from the western Chaco region. About 95% of Paraguay's population are a mix of Spanish and Amerindian, commonly known as Mestizo. Popular arts and crafts include embroidery, spider web like lace making, several kinds of ceramic and clay work as well as silver filigree jewelry. Paraguay is known for its melancholy harp and guitar music, polkas and bouncy galopas
South American Football Confederation
Formation 9 July 1916 - Type Sports organization
Headquarters Luque, Gran Asuncion, Paraguay

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