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Flags Mini Boxing Gloves Warrnambul Cameroon

The pattern of the flag reflects the French Tricolore. The Star of Unity in the centre. Yellow stands for prosperity. The Red stripe represents unity.
Cameroon is located on the Gulf of Guinea. Capital City: Yaounde. Cameroon is also known as "Africa in miniature"because of its geographical and cultural diversity.
Flags Mini Boxing Gloves Warrnambool Cameroon
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Flags Mini Boxing Gloves Warrnambool Cameroon

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With more than 25 Year's Experience in the flag Business, Flags Down Under has a huge range of flags and flag related products ready for dispatch to Warrnambool
Show pride in your heritage and be the first in Warrnambool to decorate your House or Business with the Cameroon Flag,
Organising a House Party or celebrate your National Day in Warrnambool. Flags Down Under can provide you with all International Flags , hand held flags, buntings. Mini boxing gloves to decorate your car rear view mirror. Miniature flags are great to collect, a reminder of countries you visited
Harmony Day at school in Warrnambool. Children are proud of their heritage, they like to show off Mum's cooking, their national dress. Complete the dress up with a Cameroon flag , a Crossed flag Badge Australia/Cameroon.
Flags Down Under is Australian Owned and Operated.