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Flags Hand Waver Flag St Marys North Korean

North Korea, officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea led by a single-party state, the Korean Worker's Party. After independence as a Communist state its national flag with the red star symbolising communism was adopted in 1948. the two blue stripes resemble peace, friendship and sovereignity and the white stripes purity.
Following the end of 35 years of Japanese colonial rules over Korea in 1945, the peninsula of the once joined state of Korea was divided into South and North Korea. Each state has since developed a distinct contemporary form of the once shared traditional culture.
Flags Hand Waver Flag St Marys North Korean.
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Flags Hand Waver Flag st Marys North Korean

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Children are proud of their heritage, they like to show off Mum's cooking, their national dress. Why not complete the dress up with a Korea North flag , a Crossed Flag Badge Australia/Korea North.
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