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NIGERIA, officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria, got its name from the River "Niger". Nigeria's National flag was officially adopted in 1960, representing peace, the countries forests and abundant natural wealth.
UDU, meaning vessel, is an African drum like musical instrument used by the Igbo people of Nigeria. it looks like a water jug with an additional hole and with its bass like sound was originally only played by woman at special ceremonies
Nigerian National Day 1st October
Flags Hand Held Flags Muirhead Nigerians
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Flags hand Held Flags Muirhead Nigerian

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With more than 25 Year's Experience in the flag Business, Flags Down Under has a huge range of flags and flag related products ready for dispatch to Muirhead
Show pride in your heritage and be the first in Muirhead to decorate your House or Business with the Nigerian Flag.
Organising a House Party or Event in Muirhead. Flags Down Under can provide you with flag buntings, international flags. hand Held Flags to decorate your food stall. Miniature flags are very popular for school projects.
Harmony Day at school or a Nigerian Festival in Muirhead? Children are proud of their heritage, they like to show off Mum's cooking, their national dress. Why not complete the dress up with a Nigeria hand waver flag and a crossed Flag Badge Australia/Nigeria, an embroidered Flag patch of Nigeria on the T-Shirt.
At a Funeral out of respect drape the Nigeria Flag over the coffin.
Flags Down Under is Australian Owned and Operated.