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The word Greek, according to Aristotle, comes from the word "Graikoi" which was the pre-historic name of the Hellenes. The people who we call the Greeks, and live in a country we call Greece, actually call themselves Hellenes and live in a country called Hellas.
The great centers of Hellenistic culture were Alexandria and Antioch, capitals of Ptolemaic Egypt ad Seleucid Syria respectively. the Hellenistic period describes the era which followed the conquests of Alexander the Great. during this time, Greek cultural influence and power was at its zenith in Europe and Asia. It is often considered a period of transition. Almost the decline between the brilliance of the Greek Classical Era and the emergence of the Roman Empire. At about 281 BC the situation had stabilised, resulting in four major domains.
The Antigonid dynasty in Macedon and central Greece
The Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt based at Alexandria
The Seleucid dynasty in Syria and Mesopotamia based in Antioch
The Attalid dynasty in Anatolia based at Pergamum.
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With more than 25 Year's Experience in the flag Business, Flags Down Under has a huge range of flags and flag related products ready for dispatch to Kensington.
Show pride in your heritage and be the first in Kensington to decorate your House or Fish and Chip Shop with the Greek Flag.
Organising an Event at your local Club in Kensington. Flags Down Under can provide you with international flag, flag buntings, or with hand held flags ideal to decorate market stalls. Miniature flags are very popular for school projects.
Multicultural Day at school or the Greek Festival in Kensington? Children are proud of their heritage, they like to show off Mum's cooking, their national dress. Why not complete the dress up with a Greek Scarf and a crossed Flag Badge Australia/Greece, an embroidered Flag patch of Greece on the T-Shirt.
At a Funeral out of respect drape the Greek Flag over the coffin.
Need a Flag Product in a hurry, no worries, we will be here for you.
Flags Down Under is Australian Owned and Operated.