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The meaning of the Tongan Flag. The red cross represents the King's devotion to Christianity, white sympolizes purity. Red represents the blood Jesus shed on the cross. Tonga gained its independence in 1970. Tonga is a Polynesian Kingdom of more than 170 South Pacific Islands, many uninhabited. Tonga is well known for their beautiful beach resorts and friendly people. Tonga's main source of income comes from Agriculture. Squash, Coconuts, Bananas, Vanilla Beans just to mention a few.
Tongan people celebrate their National Day on the 4th November

Flags Flag Patches San Remo Tongan
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With more than 25 Year's Experience in the flag Business, Flags Down Under has a huge range of flags and flag related products ready for dispatch to San Remo.
Show pride in your heritage and be the first in San Remo to decorate your House or Business with the Tongan Flag,
Organising a Party or Street Festival in San Remo. Flags Down Under can provide you with all International Flags , hand held flags, buntings. Miniature flags.
Harmony Day at school in San Remo. Children are proud of their heritage, they like to show off Mum's cooking, their national dress. Complete the dress up with a Tongan flag , a Tonga Hand Held Flag to wave in the school parade.
Flags Down Under is Australian Owned and Operated.