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Meaning behind the colours of the Flag of IRAN
Green symbolizes the Persian culture, its language, nature, growth and vitality. White represents freedom and peace. Red symbolizes the blood of the martyr, vitality and sophistication. The colours also have a deep religous meaning. Green for Islam, white for peace, red for courage. The emblem in the centre. The writing on the green and red stripes read "Allah is Great" repeated 22 times. The people from Iran celebrate their National Day on the 11th February.

Flags Desk Flags Noble Park Iran
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Flags Desk Flag Noble Park Iran

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Show pride in your heritage and be the first in Noble Park to decorate your House or Business with the Iranian Flag,
Organising a House Party or Street Festival in Noble Park. Flags Down Under can provide you with all World Flags, hand held flags, buntings, Miniature flags are great to collect, a reminder of countries you visited
Harmony Day at school in Noble Park. Children are proud of their heritage, they like to show off Mum's cooking, their national dress. Complete the dress up with a Iranian flag , an Iran Hand Held Flag to wave at the school parade.
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